Kader Keita

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Kader Keita has been committed to working with disadvantaged children for many years but ‘The Association’ was set up in October 2004, and authorized by the Malian Ministry of the Interior on 3rd December 2004.

Kader is a talented and well know Malian artist, graduate of the National Institute of Arts Bamako.

He has worked in Mali and Europe and concluded one vist to the UK with a 'residency' at the British Museum.

He specializes in ‘bogolan’ an ancient and traditional Malian art form, using a mud from the river Niger that dyes treated fabric. He believes that 'artists should contribute to the development of society'.

Kader is an exceptional man of quiet dignity, deep compassion and great inner strength. He is however significantly disabled, in a way not unlike how polio can affect people. ‘I am not handicapped either in mind or heart’ he says, ‘I have never felt like that’. ‘I am grateful for having been brought up in Bamako, the Capital of Mali, where people with physical disabilities live with their families and are not considered a burden’.

His message is that 'despite setbacks, the future always holds something good.'

He works principally with children who live on the streets in Bamako, the capital of Mali.