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Association Culturelle Pensons à Demain 2014

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Three times a year, the Association asks the authorities in Bamako for 15 children who are sleeping rough across the Capital, to come to them to participate in a 90 day course of bogolan art. If others come as well, they are included in the course.

They particularly ask for the children in greatest need, or those with the greatest problems.

If the parents of the children are known, a member of the Association will visit their home, and discuss the intention of the Association to give their child a training in bogolan art, and that if he shows an interest, it may be possible for him to subsequently sell his bogolan art and even in time to become self supporting. It is emphasized that this is a possibility not a certainty. If the parents agree, they are asked to sign a form of authorization for the Association to work with their child.

The children come daily in time for breakfast, and are given a meal at lunch time as well. They are also given just enough money to pay for their travel to and fro, so they don’t need to beg.